How it Works

A quick, step-by-step guide to using the platform for both entrepreneurs and investors

 1. Register

Sign up now to connect with investors and get funded. We have angel investors worldwide with more joining every day. You can create one or multiply offers, it depends on your subscription plan.

2. Create a Pitch

Add a pitch for your business using our template. The on-screen instructions will guide you through the steps. We’ve also got some great resources to help if you get stuck. You can create and publish one or multiply offers, it depends on your subscription plan.


3. Publish your Pitch

Your pitch will be reviewed by our dedicated specialists and if they approves it, we will directly invest in your idea! If not, your pitch will be listed on the site for prospective investors to browse and evaluate. We will even email your pitch as a personalized message to our specially selected investors.

4. Connect with Investors

If an investor likes your pitch, you will receive an email asking to connect. You’ll then gain access to their contact details to continue discussions, schedule calls, fix meetings and close investment!

5. Complete your Fundraise

You can accept funds from investors at any time – you do not have to reach any funding target. Investors transfer to you directly so there is no commission fee from us.