About Us

Many creative and ambitious people are trying to start a business, but they are struggling to find the necessary funds or the right investor to guide them. That’s why we decided to get involved in this endeavor and create the Investment Group Services network to connect entrepreneurs and investors and build a strong community. Our platform is for everyone, where people can interact in various ways and fulfill their great ideas, and accomplish their dreams.

  • Our service is free to investors. There are no hidden fees or additional costs to our platform.
  • There is no limit on how many projects every entrepreneur can publish with one subscription on our platform. You can create and publish multiply offers. For every great idea you have three opportunities to get funded:
  1. Your pitch will be reviewed by our dedicated specialists and if they approve it, we will directly invest in your idea.
  2. Your pitch will be listed on our website and if an investor likes your pitch, you will receive an email asking to connect.
  3. Your pitch will be emailed as a personalized message to our specially selected investors.

Our main goal is to help you bring your great ideas to life.


INVESTMENT GROUP SERVICES LTD is registered in England and Wales.

Registration Number 12494396.

Registered address: 69 Beaufort Park, NW11 6BX, London, UK

Contact number: +447384702246

Email: support@investmentgroupservices.com